St. Stephen’s Newsletter: Summer 2019

By Editor, Aug 30 2019 08:32AM

Nick wrote in a recent newsletter that ‘the end of July is the real beginning of the summer break for many’ and how true that is proving to be. The tempo certainly seems to be slowing down.

However, as we know, for Sophie and Sam July brought the celebration of their wedding at St. Martin’s which was, according to Janet, ‘fabulous’. Janet was delighted to describe the joyful service she shared along with a ‘full to overflowing church’, the happy atmosphere, the beautiful flowers, and of course the beautiful bride.

At St. Stephen’s we shared in a little overflow of this celebration by way of a beautiful flower display on the following Sunday. I understand that the flowers needed to be re-sited due to the pending alterations at St. Martin’s and Vicky kindly thought of us.

Meanwhile in July Frances was given the gift of another beautiful grandchild, a little girl named Eliza Joy. Frances assures us that little Eliza Joy will, like all her grandchildren, soon be welcomed through baptism into the church family, at St. Stephen’s.

Both Frances and her sister Pauline were present at Pat’s Tea Party in aid of ‘Send a Cow’, each with a little toddler grandson in tow and now I learn that Pat has more great grandchildren than I have grandchildren. Have I mentioned before that I am envious?! Pat provided such a sumptuous spread at this Tea Party, all so beautifully displayed that it was almost too good to eat. Almost! And it was lovely to see so many people in attendance, both old and new faces. It was particularly special to meet up with Helen and to see Stan, now fully recovered. Helen and I would definitely have washed those dishes if Pat hadn’t had a dishwasher. Just saying – we may need those Brownie points one day! Pat was later able to disclose that ‘Send a Cow’ were delighted to receive the £155 donated on the day. It is good to know that this charity, a favourite of many, still means so much to so many people.

Next, Hazel and Janet were happy to talk about another successful tea party, the outing that Linda organised for members of her Beacon Afternoon Tea group. About two dozen members enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and a delicious tea, at Denbies.

Linda takes such pleasure in thinking up new ways to expand the experiences of this group. It is great fun to listen to her voicing some of these thoughts on a Sunday morning only for them to come to fruition, perhaps weeks or even months, later. I listen very carefully nowadays as sometimes even fanciful thoughts become happy reality!

And now to end with another happy occurrence – sharing with David as he presided over his first service at St. Stephen’s following his ordination, a compensation for those of us who missed his inaugural service at St. Martin’s. It was a privilege.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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