St. Stephen’s Newsletter: November 2019

By Editor, Dec 13 2019 12:08PM

As I write this month, it really is a misty, moisty November day, just as it seems to have been for the whole month. However, we have had some memorable services to make up for this, the one on Remembrance Sunday being foremost.

Although we have a comparatively short list of names on our memorial plaque, there are still far too many. Henry read out each of their names. This year Judith had collected together research on the background of each named individual (mainly carried out by the volunteers at Bourne Hall Local and Family History Centre but combined with some research of her own), and presented the results in a simple, stark and poignant manner.

Many of us viewed the research on the Saturday preceding the service and it is surprising how much more meaning the background detail gave to the service, presided over by John. The tiny candles were once again lit, one for each named individual and the flowers Janet asked Marlene to arrange were also very much in keeping with the day.

Fortunately, Judith had collated the research so that, following the display, all the information was still available in her folder. It would have taken far too long to absorb all the details in one sitting and rather selfish to monopolize the folder on the Saturday. Thank you, Judith.

And now it’s amazing, and a little bit off putting, to realize that the next two items of note relate to Christmas. At last Sunday’s service Janet thanked Martine and Frances for both providing a bountiful Christmas Stall at Linda’s November Beacon Tea and for all their equally bountiful efforts on behalf of the St. Stephen’s stall at St. Martin’s Christmas Fair. Mind you, I think Janet puts quite a lot of effort into the work behind the St. Stephen’s stall too!

So now we look forward to Christmas. It’s a pleasure to know that Ruth will be sharing our Nativity with us on the 15th December – our very simple, unrehearsed, Nativity. As always we will simply recount the Christmas story and everyone is welcome to participate, to improvise or to observe. In the evening Janet hosts our Carols and Readings, beginning at 6.30pm. Always a very pleasant and relaxed evening, with mulled wine and nibbles to reward you for your participation!

I understand Ruth is to be masterminding our Christingle celebrations on Christmas Eve at

3pm too. O brave Ruth, she has asked for all my percussion instruments, so you have been warned. I think my idea of making a ‘joyful noise unto the Lord’ springs to mind. It will be lovely!! Seriously, I think it will be and the children will have such a lot of fun, as will Ruth. John, meanwhile is giving us the pleasure of presiding over our 11pm service, that evening. Such a special service, with much meaning for us all.

Two such different services but each so important, in so many ways. In anticipation, we thank each of you for sharing the joy of Christmas with us and wish you, and all those you love, a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead.

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