St. Stephen’s Newsletter: May 2019

By Editor, Jun 12 2019 06:14PM

As I write this month Easter seems a long time ago but Pauline’s remembrance of our service on this particular day was still filled with happiness as she recounted it. Not only was it the most joyful service of the year with Adrian presiding, but it was enhanced by the welcoming through baptism of Pauline’s first grandchild, little Georgiana, into our church family.

According to Pauline, everything about the day was perfect and it all began with that service on Easter Sunday morning. We hope that perfect beginning to little Georgiana’s life within our church family continues and send her and all her family our love and best wishes for the future.

Coincidentally, a few Sundays later we ‘lost’ Adrian to another service, which included three baptisms, ‘down at St. Martin’s’. Although disappointed on our own behalf, how could we possibly begrudge others the joy such services bring? Fortunately, Judith and Pat shared the presentation of our own service between them, to the satisfaction of everyone present – we are very lucky!

And we were very lucky at our Christian Aid Coffee Morning too, where contributions from all the different sources resulted in a total of almost £400. This was due to both the usual lovely people giving unstintingly of time and effort and all the lovely people who came and shared the morning with us.

Frances’ plant stall was, as always, quickly sold out, due to all her healthy looking plants, so beautifully presented. Martine’s Bric a Brac stall was not quite cleared of items but was even more beautifully presented, and they were both surrounded throughout the morning by lots of, more or less, helpful grandchildren! A lovely family event it seems and Martine also baked some superb cakes for the cake stall. One can admit to feeling a little bit envious of Martine’s skills especially as her cakes sold before one (meaning me) could buy them.

So another Christian Aid Week comes and goes and together with the lily of the valley in our gardens it brings to mind Olive, whom we remembered at our St. Stephen’s meeting last Sunday. At this time of year Olive in turn always remembered her daughter Jane on the anniversary of her birthday. Marlene was always commissioned by Olive to provide one of her gorgeous flower arrangements in Jane’s memory.

This year Marlene arranged her beautiful flower displays in memory of both Olive and Jane, with our love. And Olive would have been very pleased with our efforts and results on behalf of Christian Aid!

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

P.S Congratulations to Linnet and family on the recent birth of her baby daughter, Grace Georgina Evans. For many years Linnet was a very supportive, and happy, member of Happy Club!

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