St. Stephen’s Newsletter: June 2019

By Editor, Jul 16 2019 06:04PM

I think it must be old age as events in June already seem to be so long ago! However from the viewpoint of a lazy member of St. Stephen’s family the month was both pleasurable and satisfying. I equate much that occurs in St. Stephen’s with all the behind the scenes work that Judith and the rest of her team seem to manage so effortlessly – knowing full well that the end results really all take an awful lot of both time and effort. To me, Judith and Linda personify this image, accomplishing much with grace and seeming ease.

Now back to June and a birthday celebration – Pentecost. Happy Club always celebrated with a party, cakes and candles, not to mention hats, so it was a real treat after our service to be regaled by Howard with most of the aforementioned, except for the hats, but with added liquid refreshments instead! We did sing Happy Birthday too, so smiles were guaranteed. Thank you, Howard.

I think now may be an appropriate time too to thank all of our clergy staff both for the services we receive and their fantastic ability to cope spontaneously with any and every little mishap that might arise. They are always amazing!

Next back to the afternoon of our Pentecost Service when Linda was down at St. Martin’s for the latest of her, highly successful, Beacon Teas. Not satisfied with branching out into her Beacon Christmas Lunch, Linda has been busy planning the possibility of a summer outing for her group, which seems to be nearing completion. I believe the planned outing is to Denbies and includes the provision of tea – so none of Linda’s delicious homemade cakes then!

The last weekend in June was a joyous time for all in our parish. On the Saturday, several members of our congregation travelled to Guildford Cathedral, along with a coachload from St Martin’s, to support David as he was ordained priest. The next day Linda, Judith, Hazel, Vicky, Mary and Frances attended St Martin’s, as David presided over his first communion as priest. From all accounts, this was a wonderful celebration. For those remaining behind at St Stephen’s, our thanks go to Pat, who gave an interesting and enlightening talk on Petertide, and Janet, who led the intercessionary prayers and the singing.

So we came to the end of June in an entirely satisfying manner. Now it just remains to wish you all sunny, but not too hot, days ahead and send our very best wishes to David for happiness and fulfilment in the future and our thanks for all his caring ministry.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

PS For those of you in the Village who remember Margaret Hughes, at one time Head of the old Village school, Margaret recently died, just five days short of her 90th birthday. R.I.P. With love.

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