St. Stephen’s Newsletter, July 2018

By Editor, Aug 6 2018 05:39PM

I’m very happy to say that as I write this month the sun is not shining, it’s wonderful. Perhaps it will actually rain later on too. As a very small child my nightly prayers would end with the plea for it to rain ‘only at night’. As you may imagine I no longer ask for this and rain at any time would be most welcome!

Janet was most welcome when she scurried into church a couple of Sundays past, carrying a large container of her well beloved rock buns. Sadly, they were not destined for our refreshments but as a contribution to Linda’s afternoon tea party. Seriously, Janet is so kind, and very busy, and we all knew that her rock buns would be very much appreciated by both Linda and her guests.

Linda says that her tea parties at St. Martin’s are becoming firmly established now and she intends to hold them as a monthly event. She is a lovely hostess and you would always be made most welcome if you wish to join her. Linda is also an incredibly generous hostess so you would enjoy a delicious tea as well as delightful company, all for a small donation.

Funnily enough, ‘delicious’ and ‘delightful’ were the two words I was intending to use to describe yet another tea party – this one hosted by some of the children at the Vale School, in aid of one of their favourite charities. I believe Pat acted as the original coordinator between the school and their guests when these tea parties first took place, and she still does.

This tea party with entertainment has become something of an annual event now, looked forward to eagerly by members of both St. Stephen’s and the WI. Hazel says that the ladies listened to some delightful singing from the children, mostly girls with the addition of three brave boys! They were then served a delicious tea by the children, I believe strawberries were mentioned. The comments from everyone about the children, the singing and the tea were all most complimentary.

Children of course grow up and one of our own, from both our old Sunday Club and the Village, Becky married Paul at St. Stephen’s last weekend. A lovely child has turned into a lovely young woman to whom, together with Paul we send love and congratulations. Judith says it was a lovely, happy ceremony and saved me a gorgeous programme of events, in the form of - I’m not quite sure how to describe it – a mini hand held noticeboard, lovingly and beautifully produced.

So, even though this weather is pretty enervating, I have to end now by saying that we are all glad the sun shone for Becky and Paul and all their families and friends on their wedding day, and hope it shines for them throughout their coming lives together too. Sadly, I do think Becky Betts is a gorgeous name to relinquish and rather regret its passing!

Another happy note on which to end, it was a pleasure to share last Sunday’s service with both David and Nancy, and we all look forward to more such services. As always too, with thanks to all those who have ‘ministered’ to us over the past month. We do appreciate that we are always cared for.

And the very, very last note on which to end - we send our love to Adrian and Jean.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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