St. Stephen’s Newsletter: January 2019

By Editor, Feb 1 2019 10:22AM

January, a month for both looking back at 2018 and looking forward to 2019. At St. Stephen’s in 2018 Judith seamlessly ‘inherited’ our family as sole pro warden. Essentially the family remains the same but aspirations will always change. January also seems an appropriate time to give thanks to all those who make St. Stephen’s special, difficult to do without making it seem a list, but herewith my attempt!

We give thanks to Judith for accepting the pro warden ship and everything that entails, and to quiet Fred our sacristan, whose gloriously joyous tree at Christmas is a gift to us all, not just the children. At Christmas we were especially grateful too to Mary, whose music enhances every service throughout the year, and to Janet whose input is always enormous but this Christmas was increased by Linda’s absence. Christmas also gave us the gift of Pat to preside over our Midnight Eucharist, in addition to all her other roles. Linda’s rest at Christmas was so well deserved as, since taking semi-retirement, she has channelled her vast well of caring kindness into other peoples’ lives. She has very little time to spare for herself. I’m not sure Frances and Martine have much time to spare either but they, and their families, were there at Christmas too, helping out just as Frances and Martine do throughout the year, giving unstintingly at many varied events. One such kindness is Frances helping Hazel, our gentle coffee provider and steadfast chalice assistant. Another quiet contributor is Marlene, who brightens up our church and our days with her beautiful flower arrangements.

There are so many others one should thank, not least our clergy team and all those who share fellowship and friendship with us each week. So please consider yourselves remembered with a big ‘Thank you’ to each and every one of you from each and every one of us at St. Stephen’s.

Now to the ‘forward looking’ of January. At last Sunday’s Church Meeting Judith both chaired and took the minutes. The following day she circulated immaculate minutes of said meeting. Does she realize she now has a job for life?! Seriously the meeting, which I was unable to attend, was full of enthusiasm and hope for the future with much valuable input from everyone, but notably from Simon and Lis. (together with their daughters another big bonus from 2018 for whom we give thanks!).

Many dates and events for the forthcoming year were discussed, possibilities voiced and commitments made. Obviously as events are due to take place details will be made available. I must admit that two dates give me immediate pleasure, one being the baptism of little Georgiana, Pauline’s grandchild on Easter Sunday. Georgiana made her first appearance with us at our Christingle service when just a few days old and was absolutely gorgeous. The second date appeared on our news list- Adrian is to be the presiding minister at our Candlemas service.

So, a Happy New Year indeed.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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