St Stephen's Newsletter April 2018

By Editor, Apr 16 2018 07:46PM

Services for April

Every Sunday morning: 9.30am Service with Holy Communion

It’s hard to believe that Easter Day is already past, that we have to wait another year before sharing such a joyful celebration, and it was a joyful celebration, presided over by Adrian. Marlene’s gorgeous flower display was just a lovely bonus for everyone too.

I understand that the select little group that held the Vigil Service also shared satisfaction, albeit of a different nature. This year I believe the fire behaved beautifully, but only with a little help that was introduced at the very outset!

So now we move on to new times. Janet has announced her intention to stand down from her shared role with Judith, as our pro warden. Janet has held this post so many times, either jointly or independently, that I feel a great sense of déjà vu in writing about it.

For as long as I can remember Janet has been associated with all that underpins the life of St. Stephen’s, either officially or unofficially. I’m not sure Janet recognizes the difference, but I am sure she is still going to be very busy and very visible in all her ‘support’ roles, for the foreseeable future. As has been mentioned before, Janet is our ‘Duracell Bunny’ who continues to run and run, and we are all immensely grateful that she continues to contribute so selflessly to the life of our church family. So, thank you, Janet, yet again.

Next, being able to walk around the garden between the showers, it’s noticeable that the lily of the valley plants are just beginning to peep through. That always reminds me of another long serving member of our family, Olive, and all her efforts on behalf of Christian Aid. Always our lily of the valley flowers bloom during Christian Aid Week.

Sadly, Olive is not well enough to be with us this year but we shall once again be celebrating Christian Aid Week with a Coffee and Cakes Morning on Saturday 12th May, from 10.00 – 12.00, with the added bonus of Frances’ popular plant stall. It’s usually a very relaxed session, lots of chat and some delicious cakes to both eat with your coffee or to take home and enjoy. Do join us if you have a few minutes to spare, with all proceeds going to Christian Aid this is a win/win situation!

Linda’s next Tea Party takes place at St. Martin’s just a day later, 13th May at 4.00pm. This is also an opportunity to enjoy sharing a delicious tea with friends both old and new.

Now it just remains to say - thank you Judith for sharing the pro wardenship role with Janet during the past year. Judith, you are much appreciated for your dedication and hard work, your willingness to attend yet one more meeting, to participate in yet one more ‘work shop’. We have all benefitted enormously from the new formats of our service booklets and so much else that you have helped to achieve on our behalf during the past year. Thank you so much.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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