St Stephen's News Letter, May 2018

By Editor, May 29 2018 11:05AM


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First of all this month our thanks to Judith for agreeing to be our sole pro warden. We appreciate that Judith will have a very willing support group but nonetheless the main burden of the role will fall on her, so the thanks are in anticipation!

Secondly, the lily of the valley flowers are in full bloom, so it must be Christian Aid Week once again. And once again, St. Stephens’ chose the option of holding a fundraising Coffee and Plants Morning in place of a door to door collection. The coffee morning took place last Saturday - to avoid coinciding with the wedding!

It was a very pleasant session, well, Hazel said that there was a ‘pleasant atmosphere’ throughout the morning and people were also very generous, with both time and donations. Frances ‘manned’ her always popular plant stall, and Martine her beautifully displayed Bric a Brac table. Judith looked after the cakes, Hazel the coffees, Linda was like a roving social ambassador and Janet was everywhere, at one point even seen sweeping the front path!

Seriously, our thanks to everyone, it was a pleasure to share the morning with you. Judith reported that, because of you, this year St. Stephens’ was able to contribute £365.60 to Christian Aid, one of our favourite charities.

Next, Marlene and I were discussing how amazing it was that her Easter flower display had survived for so long, while still looking beautiful. Marlene commented that we were approaching the time when she arranges one of her favourite displays of the year. I hope Olive will not mind me mentioning that at the end of each May our flowers are given in loving remembrance of her daughter, Jane.

I do know that from now on our lily of the valley flowers will forever be associated with not only Christian Aid and Olive but also with Jane. I look forward too to sharing in the joy of Marlene’s flower arrangement.

And to finish, I did mention that we held the coffee morning to avoid the wedding and overnight our road has been generously endowed with bunting. The street party takes place this afternoon. I think Pauline and Frances and all their family are heavily implicated!

Wishing you all sunny days to enjoy with your loved ones.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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